Interested in working with me?

If you are interested in working with me, instead of emailing me please fill out this interest survey. This is the best way of getting in touch with me.

Ph.D. applicants: I will be taking new students in Fall 2024! If you are interested in HCI, NLP, communication, or reading and writing tools, I encourage you to apply for a PhD at the UIUC Department of Computer Science and mention me in your application.

I love working with motivated students at the intersection of HCI and NLP. My focus is on human-centered problems and so I predominantly contribute to HCI research. I also often contribute to NLP research because my work uses computational methods to quantify and adapt language. Working in my group will always include a focus on a human problem, whether we are running experiments, building new interfaces, or training new models. Some examples of ongoing projects and future plans:

  • Making medical and scientific language readable for people beyond doctors and researchers
  • Building technologies to support languages beyond English
  • Helping online communities welcome new members
  • Studying what barriers people face when reading legal language